What does it mean?
Advocacy means taking a stand on matters of importance to people and their communities. It means being a conscientious citizen making a meaningful contribution to society. It means appreciating that we can always learn something that will help us, and that we have a responsibility to help others.

I believe art and architecture are realizations of culture, a legacy of our work and relationship with nature. We live with constant change and have a responsibility to make well informed decisions based on faith and the best of intentions, recognizing that we’ll be judged on the results of our actions.

We stand for:

  • No fear of change…
  • A thriving community that’s diverse and inclusive…
  • A sustainable environment, which involves much more than “green design”…
  • Sustainable living which includes “walking the talk” – changing the way we live, study, work, play and do business to become increasingly conscientious citizens.
  • A thriving community with places of substance and familiarity as well as dynamic and new, respectful of the past and optimistic about the future.
  • Trying to do the right thing - and doing it.
  • Appreciating the opportunity and responsibility to change.